“Rain” is probably one of the most underrated of George Harrison’s songs- this is my title because we had something of a downpour… more like a deluge, actually, on Monday the 12th. These meteorological events are uncanny in their knack for occurring when photography or videography is a challenge, to say the least. (WordPress gave me a red squiggly line under “videography”, but “videography” has at least ten pages of hits on Google, so it MUST be a real word).


These photos don’t really tell the story of the storm; the last one, though, does offer a bit of insight: water never pools up at our front stoop like that.

I shot a bit of video with my Nikon D3200 as well. As the storm was raging outside, I was desperately searching the internet on how to get the camera into video mode! In the time it too to find the answer, I could have down went to the Secret Underground Lair (SUL), grabbed the digital version from my camera bag, found the answer and been out shooting!

So, to match the photos, I have some fairly unimpressive video. To be fair to myself, though, I consider it to be training.

Speaking of training, I’m not sure if anyone else out there reading this shares in my journey of starting out with a 35mm SLR, taking a break, and then starting afresh with a DSLR. To be honest, there’s a bit of a learning curve.

I want to share one other salient, odd, interesting (pick an adjective, already!) point: does anyone use “old” technology in photography?

Prior to digital, prior to Adobe, there was Cokin. At the time (ca. 1978), Cokin introduced a line of filters which were brilliant by any standard. These square filters would fit any number of lenses- all a photographer had to do to add a filter to the stable was to have the appropriate adapter ring (which corresponded to the filter diameter of the lens.

Back in my 35mm days, I had purchased several Cokin filters. A search this past week discovered twelve of them- everything I need to get going except for one crucial item: a 52mm adapter ring! Jennifer (my wife) found the filters- we have yet to find my old camera bag, which may have a few additional adapter rings and my tabletop tripod.

One other piece of news- I am going to try to make Friday my “Photography Friday”.  I work in what is considered to be one of the largest industrial parks in the United States.  The extreme upside to this as a photographer is the vast array of industrial and railroad subjects which are available on any given Saturday morning, and I hope to be able to capture and share some of them here.

Until next time… I am hochspeyer- One f-stop short of a six pack.

*Don’t forget to visit my data analysis blog…it’s more fun than it sounds like… hochspeyer.blogspot.com





3 thoughts on “Rain”

  1. We took a beating here in Iowa from this storm! I drove around in it. Going through 4-6 inch deep water and not being able to see is pretty exciting in Iowa City traffic.

    Come down to beautiful Iowa, if not for the corn or spotty weather, for it’s ease of beautiful sky shots without power lines getting in the way!


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