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“Rain” is probably one of the most underrated of George Harrison’s songs- this is my title because we had something of a downpour… more like a deluge, actually, on Monday the 12th. These meteorological events are uncanny in their knack for occurring when photography or videography is a challenge, to say the least. (WordPress gave me a red squiggly line under “videography”, but “videography” has at least ten pages of hits on Google, so it MUST be a real word).


These photos don’t really tell the story of the storm; the last one, though, does offer a bit of insight: water never pools up at our front stoop like that.

I shot a bit of video with my Nikon D3200 as well. As the storm was raging outside, I was desperately searching the internet on how to get the camera into video mode! In the time it too to find the answer, I could have down went to the Secret Underground Lair (SUL), grabbed the digital version from my camera bag, found the answer and been out shooting!

So, to match the photos, I have some fairly unimpressive video. To be fair to myself, though, I consider it to be training.

Speaking of training, I’m not sure if anyone else out there reading this shares in my journey of starting out with a 35mm SLR, taking a break, and then starting afresh with a DSLR. To be honest, there’s a bit of a learning curve.

I want to share one other salient, odd, interesting (pick an adjective, already!) point: does anyone use “old” technology in photography?

Prior to digital, prior to Adobe, there was Cokin. At the time (ca. 1978), Cokin introduced a line of filters which were brilliant by any standard. These square filters would fit any number of lenses- all a photographer had to do to add a filter to the stable was to have the appropriate adapter ring (which corresponded to the filter diameter of the lens.

Back in my 35mm days, I had purchased several Cokin filters. A search this past week discovered twelve of them- everything I need to get going except for one crucial item: a 52mm adapter ring! Jennifer (my wife) found the filters- we have yet to find my old camera bag, which may have a few additional adapter rings and my tabletop tripod.

One other piece of news- I am going to try to make Friday my “Photography Friday”.  I work in what is considered to be one of the largest industrial parks in the United States.  The extreme upside to this as a photographer is the vast array of industrial and railroad subjects which are available on any given Saturday morning, and I hope to be able to capture and share some of them here.

Until next time… I am hochspeyer- One f-stop short of a six pack.

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