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This… or that?

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Choices are nice to have. Even if one is a fanboy/girl of a certain color, sport or brand, we still like the opportunity to make a choice. More often than not, life’s everyday choices are fairly inconsequential, but we still like the opportunity to have them. In a way, it’s like we’re shaking our fists at the cosmos as if to say, “I’m having honey in my tea, cosmos. Whaddya think if that of that?” Right. Of course, the cosmos, the person next to you in the elevator and the announcer on television collectively all agree in silence with what the cosmos thinks of your choice, “<yawn> So what?”

So we boldly proclaim our choices…

Black or white?

Red or blue?

Coffee or tea?

Android or iOS?

Windows or anything else?

To be fair, on any given day the answers to the above will not matter one way or another, and only the last two might produce some spirited debate. Sports, sports teams, car brands- now here, you’ll get some very lively discussions, but once again, for the most part at the end of the day one’s particular allegiance or patronage won’t generally count for much. Unless you’re on the losing end of a wager, of course.

Other choices are more important in the scheme of things, such as which brand and specific model of appliance or automobile? These are important, because you will be living with the consequences of this decision for three to ten years (maybe more).

However, as this is a blog about photography, I’d like to throw out some questions which may be salient to photographers, such as…

Love or money?

Hobby or profession (or, on the side vs my main income)?

Commercial or art?

OEM or aftermarket?

I think I could go on for quite some time, but in my view the one important question for someone starting out in digital photography is this:

Nikon or Canon?

Now, although I’ve made my decision and am blogging about my experience with Nikon, it does not mean Canon is a bad choice. It is simply a choice, and the cosmos really doesn’t care.

When I first started shooting 35mm, I researched cameras as best as I could in the pre-Internet world and choose Minolta. My other choices at that time were Olympus, Canon and Nikon. Back then, I really thought of Nikon as the “professional” 35mm brand, at least in part of what I thought was their commanding breath of lens variety, bodies and photographers using Nikon to make a living. My Minolta choice, I think, was at partially based on cost- it was less than either the Canon or Nikon.

Today, though, I’m shooting with a Nikon D3200. I’ve had this body for around two weeks, and have shot the equivalent of four (twenty-four exposure) rolls in it. My first impressions of this camera in particular and digital photography in general are quite positive. Prior to the actual purchase,  I had done a fair amount of research and narrowed my choices down to this camera and the Canon Rebel T3i.  The Nikon came in at a lower price point, but more importantly delivered over 24MP vs the Canon’s 18MP resolution… for fewer dollars!

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So for now what I’m publishing here are things which I consider to be snapshots- good enough to upload, but not good enough to sell… stuff which I like that might bring a smile to someone’s face.

*For those who are slightly more stream-of consciousness- please check out my data analysis blog at hochspeyer.blogspot,com

Until next time… I am hochspeyer- One f-stop short of a six pack.

Thanks for reading, and have a joy-joy day, citizen!